webtelligence IT consulting GmbH provides professional services for the Microsoft SQL Server database platform. In particular, we advise on issues regarding how to operate it in a Microsoft Dynamics AX environment, as well as in the areas of data warehousing und business intelligence. We support high-end midsize companies, together with nationally and internationally oriented enterprises and organisations, with numerous associated project solutions.

The spectrum of services offered by webtelligence IT consulting provides you with an all-inclusive care package. We begin by preparing a concept for your technical operation, i.e. for the bespoke SQL Server infrastructure. This analysis initially includes the sizing of the hardware necessary for your company’s transaction loads and volume structures. In doing so, we also calculate the storage capacity required for SQL Server, both locally as well as in the network. Together with you, we additionally choose a suitable high-availability system for coping with downtimes such as a SQL Server cluster system, SQL Server database mirroring or even virtualised systems. We will also find the ideal licensing model while fully respecting your wishes and budget commitments.

It goes without saying that webtelligence ITC will take over the actual installation, as well as setting up the database platform and tuning the performance in line with your specific needs. Additionally, we take care of configuring backup & recovery routines, precision monitoring and regular maintenance of the installation. Our service portfolio also includes hands-on training for administrators, system health checks, and also planning and conducting upgrade and consolidation scenarios.

Special expertise is a prerequisite for operating Microsoft Dynamics AX environments. As a servicetrace Business Solution Partner, we can offer the following solution packages:

ServiceTracer® for AX Performance
End-to-end monitoring of the availability and performance of the Dynamics AX environment.

ServiceTracer® for AX Loadtests
Simulation of contending user access operations und processes for testing the scalability of the Dynamics AX application.

webtelligence IT consulting belongs to the webtelligence corporate group. In recent years, numerous data warehouse, business intelligence and reporting projects have been realised within this group.

In the SQL Server sector, webtelligence IT consulting regularly participates together with select customers on Microsoft Technology Adoption Programs. This insight and advance familiarisation with future versions of SQL Server mean that we are always at the forefront of technical progress.

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