As a DBPLUS sales partner we offer

DBPLUS Performance Monitor™ a modern system for precise database performance monitoring and analysis to locate bottlenecks which should be optimized.

DBPLUS Data Replicator™ an innovative, reliable and high performant tool to replicate data on-line from Oracle® or Microsoft™ SQL Server® databases to Oracle®, Microsoft™ SQL Server® and PostgreSQL without significant additional load to the source database.

DBPLUS Optimization Services offer a comprehensive portfolio of highly specialized services like Performance on demand for one-time performance optimization to an agreed level and continuous Performance Management Services for Oracle® and Microsoft™ SQL Server®.

As a servicetrace Business Solution Partner we offer:

The solution monitors the availability and performance of every IT-service or application end-to-end.


ServiceTracer® for AX Performance
End-to-end monitoring of the availability and performance of the Microsoft Dynamics AX environment.






ServiceTracer® for AX Loadtests
Simulation of contending user access operations und processes for testing the scalability of the Microsoft Dynamics AX application.